Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The opening chapters for Broken Bones & Gravel Rash?

From the dawn of time, Man has wanted to fly. He watches the birds, and envies their effortless ascent into the skies, from the tiny sparrows and tits flitting about in the garden, to the majestic birds of prey, hovering around in huge circles, with barely a movement of the wings. The idea of being able to dominate and conquer the air above him, as he has dominated the ground on which he walks ,and the waters in which he swims has consumed man with a passion.

Man has strived to mimic the birds, and quickly realized that just strapping on a pair of wings just wasn’t going to do the job. Icarus proved that one. The problem is that to take to the skies man needs a lot of material and machinery around him, such as an aircraft, and that takes away some of the feeling of freedom that the birds must enjoy. Even to fall slow enough to enjoy the sensation, man needs a parachute, and has little control of his movements. Yet still, he yearns for that feeling of flight.

It therefore seems incredible, that once mans ultimate dream of unhindered flight has been achieved, he suddenly yearns not to be in flight, but to be back on the motorcycle from which he was launched prior to this experience.

Don’t get me wrong that feeling of flight is still fantastic, but launched from a motorcycle traveling at high speed suddenly stopping thanks to an oblivious car driver, the enjoyment of the flight is marred by the realization that the landing is likely to be uncontrolled and painful. For anybody that has not been involved in a life threatening accident, I don’t know if the warping of time is something you would have encountered. You may not believe this if you have not experienced it first hand.

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