Friday, 17 August 2012

Paper Comic Ideas - On The Shelf

Oh good, you're here! Now are you a creator of comics, like an illustrator or a writer, or is your interest at the back end of the production?  My guess is that most of those interested in creating a comic will be at the creative end.  That's the exciting bit, the bit where you get to really shine. YOUR pictures are there for all to see. It is YOUR words the children are laughing at, and showing to their friends, and it is YOUR name next to the title, or in the index - (At least it should be!)

I have noticed that in most high street comics, the artists don't even get their signature on a panel of their story. it's just a generic story, in the style of the publication. Is that right? Shouldn't the artists get some show of recognition for their hard work? I think they should.

Is it right that once you have created a story, or a character that it belongs to the publication? or should it remain the property of it's creator.  I know which I think is right - Do you?

Questions questions questions.

but enough of that. Lets' think about the boring end for a moment. This is a part I'm really struggling to get to grips with, and it's where any project will either suceed or collapse. Funding, and distribution.

When I ran ROCKET, The advertising had to be sufficient to fund the production and distribution. That way I knew that I had enough money to pay the printer for their work, and pay the postage on all the subscriptions. The cover price was almost irrelevent, so we'll come to that later.

SHELF SPACE.  We'd all like to see our magazine or comic in prominent postions in well known stores. Unofrtunately, that creates a problem. Talk to the buyers of these high profile places, and you'll soon find out that you will get very little of that cover price. if any!  Which is why it needs to be irrelevent.

The problem now is - How do you go about putting advertsing into the pages of a publication aimed at children? - I don't know the answer to that at the moment. Although I am playing about with some ideas that might make it more feasible. Your input on that would be most welcome

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