Monday, 5 January 2009

I'm moving most of my sales to EBID

For quite some time I've been a regular seller on THE very well known auction site. Over that time they have introduced more and more draconian rules, which make it less and less viable to sell through them. The prices they charge are going through the roof, and of course that means that the prices sellers have to charge also increase to cover it. Now they are introducing an enforced FREE postage on some items - Who is that good for? - Not the seller, they still have to pay for postage. Not the buyer, as the price of the item will have to increase to cover it. ONLY the auction site will gain, as they will now claim commission on the whole price, not just the actual sale price!

So I am now selling on Ebid, where commission charges are low, and you don't even pay at all if the item doesn't sell! The feedback system still works and is better than the other site ever was. The only problem is, there are fewer bidders / buyers at the moment - (Which is actually good from a buyers perspective, as prices tend to stay at the lower end.)

I currently have 2 stores open:

OUT ON THE FLOOR -which is to sell records.

TOY PALLOI- which is to sell toys, traditional games and electronic console games.

I also have a couple of other stores in the making to sell books and magazines with one more for random junk and collectibles.

As there are still more customers on the other site I will continue to list there, and pay their extortionate rates - or rather those who choose to buy items I list there will be paying their charges - The option to buy the same item from my EBID store will be there though!

I currently have 2 stores online:

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