Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Well - Perhaps I've been a little harsh about shifting ALL my sales to Ebid.

I think it fair to say, both sites are extremely useful tools for buying and selling. Granted my prices on Ebay are in general much higher, but if folks are happier with the service, and the safety that's fine by me. I will happily list on both sites, unti it become unviable to do so.

Please feel free to click on any of my stores or auction linsk to compare prices.

The service you recieve will be the same regardless of which you choose.

I currently have 3 stores open on EBID

OUT ON THE FLOOR -which is to sell records.

TOY PALLOI- which is to sell toys, traditional games and electronic console games.

THE PAPERBOYS PLEASURE- which is to sell books and magazines.

Then of course there is my Ebay profile. CrazyJay on Ebay

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