Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I have listed quite a few books in The Paperboys Pleasure. A couple of fantasy novels, a handful of cookery books, and I have at last dug out a few of my old motorcycle magazines for anybody that might be interested.

I have a few PULP fiction novels up for sale in there as well. On Ebay, I am just listing one Robin Hobb book. (If you are collecting the Farseer Trilogy, this is a really cheap copy of #2, but you'll need to check out my Ebid Store for #3. If you buy both, then I will offer free postage on the one on Ebid!!!)

I currently have 4 stores open on EBID

OUT ON THE FLOOR -which is to sell records.

TOY PALLOI- which is to sell toys, traditional games and electronic console games.

THE PAPERBOYS PLEASURE- which is to sell books and magazines.

RANDOMONIUM- which is to sell STUFF. Yep - stuff, all sorts of stuff. Only a couple of bits of stuff in there at the moment, but I hope to fill it with lots more stuff in due course !

Then of course there is my Ebay profile. CrazyJay on Ebay

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