Monday, 2 February 2009

Going RECORD crazy!

OK - OK. I know it. I'm already record crazy - It's what gets me into so much trouble. But you are going to love me for this one.

I'm currently listing records on both Ebid and Ebay. Some duplicates are on both sites, some are listed on one or the other. There are cheap and cheerful repros and originals, through to a few slightly higher priced numbers - But I think you will find that the prices are pretty agreable on all of them.

My Ebay prices are probably a bit higher than my Ebid prices - To cover the high cost of listing and commision, but some folks prefer the percieved security, so I'm happy to have customers on either site.

At the end of the day - I'm the same guy, selling the same records, and offering the same great service.

I currently have 4 stores open on EBID

OUT ON THE FLOOR -which is to sell records.

TOY PALLOI- which is to sell toys, traditional games and electronic console games.

THE PAPERBOYS PLEASURE- which is to sell books and magazines.

RANDOMONIUM- which is to sell STUFF. Yep - stuff, all sorts of stuff. Only a couple of bits of stuff in there at the moment, but I hope to fill it with lots more stuff in due course !

Then of course there is my Ebay profile. CrazyJay on Ebay

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  1. Hi fellow eBidder, I stopped selling on eBay altogether because of the high fees and the improvements in eBid since I moved over there is excellent all round. The greater visibility for bids especially is really paying off.
    You might like to consider putting a listing in the Penny Auctions promotion to help publicise your new stores.